The Benefits of Semi-permanent cosmetics 

Semi Permanent Cosmetics can quite easily change your life. With the most advantageous benefit of saving you time in your day. Studio Kanti offers safe and professional services for enhancing your eyebrows, eyeliner lash line, and lips.

An excellent solution for those with alopecia, dexterity issues, problems with vision, allergies to cosmetic products and for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Cosmetic tattooing can help to enhance your features, frame your face and often takes years off!

Results last 1-3 years (depending on skin type and lifestyle)

Medical grade, sterile pigments are deposited into the skin and over time, the pigment will dissipate and lighten. Permanent makeup pigment is not the same as body art ink, therefore it does not last as long as body art ink nor does it sit as deeply in the skin as body art tattoos. Permanent Makeup will fade (hence the term “semi permanent’). Maintenance touch ups are suggested for best results. 

Our artists are highly trained in various cosmetic techniques. In addition, they are trained in strict infection control procedures including blood borne pathogens training and sterilization. Our facility is VIHA approved and all of the tools are disposable. The equipment and working areas are kept sterile. All pigments are sterile and medical grade and not tested on animals.


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