The Benefits of Microblading/Semi-permanent Makeup 

  • Microblading provides a very natural look to the eyebrows and fills in, defines, and creates depth throughout the entire brow. It is an excellent procedure for sparse or over plucked brows or for any areas that usually require "filling in" with makeup. Once complete and healed, the micro bladed eyebrows look very natural when not wearing makeup. 
  • For a more dramatic look, makeup can be applied to the brows once healing is complete. 
  • The manual technique does not use a permanent makeup machine or tattoo machine, but rather uses a sterile and disposable, hand tool made up of extremely fine tipped needles that are fused together in a linear grouping.  The technique involves depositing the pigment into the epidermal layer of skin in the direction of the individual's natural hair growth. This is done with an extremely controlled technique and artistic eye. The result is less discomfort than a machine and more natural, crips looking "hair strokes".
  • Microblading is considered a form of semi-permanent makeup. The pigment and "hair strokes" fade naturally with time, allowing you to touch up the colour and shape as desired in the future. 
  • Results can last anywhere from 1-2.5 years depending on the individual skin type. 


THe History of Microblading

  • The technique of depositing pigment with fine hair like incisions into the skin, dates back thousands of years. The more recent trend however, of using the technique for eyebrows, emerged in Asia in recent years, approximately 25 years ago, and is also referred to as "eyebrow embroidery", "3D brows", "micro stroking" and "eyebrow feathering". 
  •  The method matured in Asia as various artists attempted to perfect different applications, techniques and the use of tools. The history of microblading is not well documeented in North America, but has gained a lot of popularity in European countries in the past few years. To date, microblading is the most natural and realistic eyebrow enhancing method and is most recently gaining a surge of interest and popularity in North America. 


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