Frequently asked questions

Who is NOT a good candidate for cosmetic tattooing/semipermanent makeup? 

As a precaution we do not perform our services on those who are prone to keloid scaring, woman who are pregnant/and or nursing as well as those who have psoriasis or an open wound/broken skin near or on the eyebrows. 

How will the pigment fade and look on my skin in the future? 

At your appointment we will assess your skin's natural undertones and create the brow colour that suits you best, taking into consideration your natural brow colour. Generally, most of our clients' colour heals quite true to the colour chosen at their appointment.  In some cases however, the colour will turn warmer or cooler than expected. This is due to the fact that everyone's body chemistry is unique and there is no sure way to know exactly how the pigment will show on each client. There are also other factors that can affect the look of the pigment such as the individuals level of sun exposure or mineral deficiencies for instance. At your follow up, we will re-assess the look of the pigment in your skin and change the colour accordingly at your touch-up (follow-up) appointment.

What can I expect during my eyebrow enhancement appointment at Studio Kanti? 

At your first appointment, we will discuss what you're looking for and what your "brow goals" may be. If you're unsure or don't have any specific requests, that is perfectly fine, we take a very detailed measurement of your unique facial symmetry and design your eyebrows accordingly. Your brow shape is custom made to frame the unique features of your face. We will consult you throughout the entire process to ensure you're happy with the shape. We work with you to create the best shape to enhance your natural beauty. 

Next, we will consult on colour. assessing your skin's natural undertones to pick the right colour for you. We will do a small test patch on your forehead and may even try different varieties of colour for you to look at. We will provide you our professional opinion, but ultimately the colour choice is up to you. Generally, we tend to choose the most natural colour that matches your existing eyebrow hair (if applicable). If you don't have any brow hair, it's best to choose a colour that matches your natural hair colour.  This part of the process generally takes 1 - 1.5 hours. 

Once we've worked together to choose a colour that best suits you, we proceed with outlining the new brow shape with permanent marker. This is to ensure that the border stays throughout the procedure and will not get wiped off easily. We then lightly tap the skin with a flat microblading tool to remove any dead skin cells and apply the topical anesthetic. 

Last, we will begin the microblading procedure. First, outlining the brows with the "hair strokes" along the border we created. Once both brows are complete we will wipe away any excess pigment. We'll then fill the rest of the brows with "hair strokes" and go back and forth between brows until the desired density is complete. 

Before the service is complete,  we'll hand you a mirror and get your feedback. If you request additional "hair strokes" in certain areas we can accommodate this within reason. We recommend to stay on the conservative side at your first session to ensure proper healing. It is also important not to over work the skin. At your follow up session, we can add to the fullness with more "hair strokes" and/or add shading as necessary.  

What is the healing process? 

Generally, the first step of healing takes approximately 7 - 10 days. This is the time that compliance with proper aftercare is important. Refer to the before and after care instructions for specific details on home care before and after your appointment. Please keep in mind that everyone heals at a different rate.  Overall, your brows require 4-6 weeks to COMPLETELY heal.  This is when we will schedule your follow up appointment. The skin is at its optimal state to accept and retain pigment only once the skin has fully healed.

Is there major trauma to the skin during the procedure?

There is very minimal trauma to skin during the procedure. Most clients experience no more or less redness than they would from a brow wax, and others leave without any redness at all. If you tend to have sensitive skin, you may experience more redness or sensitivity.

How can I ensure proper long term care for my microbladed brows?

It is important to keep in mind that increases in sun exposure, skin type, and lifestyle play a huge role in the longevity of your colour retention and the overall look of your brows. Using a sunscreen AFTER healing is an excellent way to maintain the colour of your microbladed brows. If you plan on receiving any chemical facial peels or laser treatments , this will greatly affect the look of your brows. Please ensure to inform your technician that you have had microblading done on your eyebrows if you seek out such services.  

How long does the procedure take? How many sessions are required?

The procedure is broken into 2 sessions and typically, results are best once both appointments are complete. The first session is approximately 2 - 2.5 hours and includes precise measurements to ensure your brows are symmetrical. A custom colour is chosen. The second session is approximately 2 hours and is also known as  "the perfecting phase"  in which we assess the retention of the pigment and overall look of the eyebrows. The second session is 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment, to ensure proper healing and also allows time for the pigment to settle to its "true" colour.

Depending on skin type, some clients may require a 3rd visit 6 to 8 weeks after the 2nd session is complete.

How long does semipermanent makeup generally last? 

Everyone's results are different. Again, this depends on lifestyle, sun exposure, body chemistry, and skin type. Generally speaking, microblading can last anywhere from 6 months to 1.5 years, while a powder brow/eyeliner can last 1-3 years. Lips require touch ups more frequently as we use our lips to eat and drink.

In order to keep your brows looking fresh, we recommend a touch up every 12 months. For clients with oily skin, retention with microblading is usually shorter, around 6 to 7 months.

Will the procedure hurt?

This is all relative. Everyone feels differently and the pain level is based on personal experience and personal level of pain tolerance.  We always place a topical anesthetic on the skin before the microblading treatment begins. This helps with the minor discomfort some may experience. Most clients describe the procedure as a "scratch like feeling". Everyone's pain tolerance is different, but generally speaking, most clients are perfectly comfortable throughout the entire procedure.