Studio Kanti is a boutique cosmetic tattoo studio specializing in the meticulous process of eyebrow enhancement, lip tint tattoo and eyeliner lash line enhancement. We also offer premium services for eyelash extensions. We are located on upper Fort St in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We pride ourselves on our advanced and International education and our VIHA approved facility. Our highly trained artists also offer various styles in classic lash extensions and Hybrid Lashes along with the original YUMI™️ Keratin Lash Lift. 

At Studio Kanti, our artistic expertise and love of enhancing natural beauty is combined with our warm and professional atmosphere. 



कान्ती (Sanskrit, Hindi)

The name Kanti originates from Sanskrit, the classical language of India. Sanskrit itself means "refined," and Kanti means "beautiful" or "beauty enhanced by love".



At Studio Kanti, we embrace a client-centered approach. There is a synergistic relationship between your experience and the services we provide. We offer our professional opinion, welcome your input and feedback and tailor the service to your natural and unique features.